Soldering Tools, Soldering and Desoldering Stations & Accessories
Finally, hand soldering with complete traceability. Ersa reimagines hand soldering - for the digital age - 100 years after its founder Ernst Sachs patented the first electric soldering iron. i-CON TRACE is the first fully networkable soldering station in the world. By integrating WLAN, Bluetooth, and a network card, it can be fully integrated into MES-controlled production processes, allowing the complete hand soldering process to be traced and documented.
Soldering Stations and Tools
Reliable operation, robust and attractive design, as well as many years of market experience – the right soldering & desoldering station for every application.
  • Precise temperature control for reproducible processes
  • Clearly structured tool selection
  • Intuitive, ergonomic operation
  • Customized soldering tips