Offering a wide range of critically important ESD products for protecting static sensitive electronics

Transforming Technologies, Inc. is a superior producer of tools and systems for controlling electrostatic charges in production processes and industrial environments.

Transforming Technologies

Since 1998, the firm has been developing and producing static control solutions. They have pioneered innovative solutions for both protecting, eliminating, detecting, and tracking electrostatic charges which are critical equipment utilized by firms to ensure a cost-effective static management system.

For decades, Transforming Technologies has been at the forefront of static control by delivering a broad range of ionization and grounding products. Transforming Technologies solutions consist of Apparel, Ionizers, ESD matting and grounding, ESD Test Equipment and a full range of ESD supplies. They also manufacture a multitude of clean-room products such as apparel, matting, wipers, and gloves.

They are committed to equipping you with quality electrostatic discharge (ESD) protection products. They offer a multitude of products that will satisfy your demands, from ESD mats and antistatic floor coverings to ground cords.

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