Leader in Reliable, Accurate, and ESD-Safe Screwdrivers
Kolver products’ quality is being validated every day by an increasing number of satisfied customers all over the world who choose Kolver screwdrivers because they are reliable and accurate, safe and quiet and with the lowest energy consumption, innovative and powerful, ESD-safe, built to last. Kolver quality will help you stay ahead of your competition.
Kolver USA offers the most innovative, ergonomic and durable electric torque fastening systems in the industry. Starting with the flagship K-Ducer electric screwdriver with built-in transducer, all Kolver electric torque screwdrivers are ISO certified and ESD safe. The K-Ducer is a programmable torque driver that eliminates the need for multiple drivers each with different torque values.

The K-Ducer does it all and only allows the operator to use the correct torque value and records all operations for full traceability.
Kolver's offering is complete with straight and right-angle electric screwdrivers and control units, positioning arms, error proofing systems and torque testers. The strength of the brand is consolidated by over 16 years' experience in manufacturing electric torque screwdrivers, best after-sale service worldwide and active presence in major industrial sectors.
Kolver USA has released a new site allowing clients to purchase spare parts online. Now it takes only minutes to order what you need when you need it! They are committed to quality and service. To learn more about the Kolver product line and how it can help your team be more productive and efficient, contact your sales representative here at Restronics Arizona.